How to Renew Your NIE in Barcelona, Spain

For foreign students with a soon-to-be-expired NIE (numero de identidad extranjero), you’ve come to the right place. This is an article about how to renew your NIE in Barcelona, Spain. You might notice that I’ve written previous articles in order to help others with this process, including how to apply for the NIE/TIE, where to pick up your NIE when issued for the first time, and for Americans I wrote about how to apply for the Spanish student visa in Chicago.

I hope this information, current from July, 2015, will be useful to you.

If you understand Spanish, the entire process is spelled out for you on the official website of the Spanish government: Prórroga de autorización de estancia por estudios, intercambio de alumnos, prácticas no laborales o servicios de voluntariado.

Spanish NIE on the TIE

Spanish NIE on the TIE

Required documents to renew your NIE

There are 7 items of documentation to take with to renew your NIE:

  1. Fill out and print the official application for the NIE renewal
  2. Passport
  3. Proof of funds
  4. Health insurance
  5. Proof of continuing activity
  6. Proof of grades
  7. Paid 16,81€

I will elaborate on a few of these items.

Proof of funds

You need to have money in the bank. I could not find current information on this so we called the office. According to them, your funds in a Spanish bank account should reach the following thresholds depending on how many months you hope to renew the NIE for:

  • 6 months- 1598€
  • 8 months – 2130€
  • 9 months – 2396€
  • 10 months – 2661€

If you’re wondering, yes, you can stay for 7 months, I just didn’t ask for that amount for one reason or another.

You are also required to show a bank statement that includes the transactions from the last 6 months. I’ve read that depending on how much money you have in the bank, you should have regular incoming funds surpassing 532,5€ per month.

They also mentioned that I would be able to use bank statements from my United States account. It’s best to have funds locally, but it couldn’t hurt to support your claim of financial independence with several sources.

Health insurance

You need to show that you have health insurance for the year. I had a health insurance plan from August of 2014, but now that the year is ending, I would not be able to use the same proof of insurance, even though a month is left on the plan. There are three options I considered:

  • Renew my health insurance, which is a traveler’s insurance basic plan with repatriation that costs around $400 per year
  • Use a health insurance through the Universitat de Barcelona that would cost me 80€ (didn’t bother looking for a link, sorry folks)
  • Get the Spanish national health insurance through social security

Since I work in Barcelona as a student, I was able to “darme de alta”, or register, in Spain’s social security program. I didn’t write a post about how to register in the social security program because it was really intuitive. Once I had the paper that confirmed my registry in the social security (as in, I have a SS number), I took this paper to a social security office in a hospital in Sants and very quickly had another paper that confirmed that I was now enrolled in the social security health insurance policy. This was free to do.

This confirmation paper is necessary to renew your NIE if you opt for the Spanish social security health policy. BUT THIS PAPER IS NOT SUFFICIENT. It merely says that it allows you to apply at a “Centro de Salud” for your health card. You need to use the Centro de Salud in the municipality where you are registered as living. Take your empadronamiento with you, and your NIE. In my case, I used only my passport with my expired NIE, but they didn’t notice that it was expired. They said I’d be mailed the health card in 1-2 months. This card or the sheet they give you is what you need to prove you have insurance.

Renewing the NIE in Barceona Spain

Proof of continuing activity

It’s assumed that you’re renewing your NIE for a reason. Unfortunately this reason has to be backed up by officialdom.

I’m a student at the University of Barcelona. I went into my department’s office and asked for an official, stamped, signed letter that ensured the reader of my continuing studies. In this case, I would be enrolled in the internship and final project components of the masters program.

It’s important that the letter includes your name and NIE #, and uses the phrase “(your name) está admitido en firme,” which basically says that you’re enrolled.

Proof of grades

If you’re renewing your NIE, it means you’ve been undertaking courses. You need to show the grades that you have received thus far in order to establish that you really are completing the activity that you require the renewal for.

I went to the online campus of my university and printed out my grades from the first semester, and the (incomplete) grades from the second.

Paid 16.81€

You need to have already paid the fee for renewing your NIE. This means that you need document 052 for NIE renewal. MAke sure to choose the appropriate option at the bottom. If you’re a student renewing your NIE in BCN, then you’d select “Prórroga de la autorización de estancia por estudios, movilidad de alumnos, prácticas no laborales o servicios de voluntariado“.

Print out the form, go to a bank (I used Santander because I have an account there), pay the tasa, and make sure they stamp the form, which you’ll take to your appointment.

Process for renewing the NIE

The renewal process is much simpler than applying for the NIE in Barcelona.

An appointment is not required, but it is recommended. Here is a list of where to renew the NIE in Catalunya.

The website recommends that you begin the process of renewing your NIE no sooner than 60 days before it expires. I began the process 2 weeks before my NIE’s expiration date.

There are several places where you can go to do this, I think. But, I believe that there are only two locations that you can use in Barcelona for renewing your NIE if you go without making an appointment. I went to the office on Carrer Bergara 12, near Plaza Catalunya:

Note that if you use a place that does not require an appointment, as I did, you are basically using a satellite service. They scan all the above-mentioned documents and send them to the department of extranjeria. It might, therefore, be in your best interest to make an appointment and do this process at Rambla Guipuscoa.

When you present your papers, they will give you a small temporary document (which is just a printed stamp on your original NIE renovation application) that states that you are still legally in Spain, and that the NIE renovation is ongoing. It should not take longer than 3 months to inform you of the decision to renew.

Once you are informed, or within the month after soliciting the new NIE, you will have to go to a police headquarters to get your renewed NIE printed on a brand-new TIE (tarjeta de identidad). The process for picking up your NIE/TIE is through this link, which is the same as the first time you did it.

UPDATE: If you are planning on leaving Spain while your NIE is being processed, you need to get a permit to return. Read my post on what you need to leave Spain while your NIE is being processed.

It’s a short process for a long wait.

If you have advice, differences, comments, experiences to share with anyone who might be in the same boat as we have been, please do use the comment section below. This is a resource and anything you bring to it may be of value for someone else.

27 Responses

  1. Bill Dietrich says:

    I think you should say “renewing the TIE” everywhere, instead of “renewing the NIE”. This is a common mis-usage, and it confuses newcomers such as me. The NIE is a number that is valid for life, right ? No need to ever renew it.

    • Velabas says:

      you’re right, the NIE stays, it’s the TIE that you renew. Thanks for pointing this out, I was just using them interchangeably

      • Velabas says:

        Actually I’m not sure you’re right. I’ll just say that I don’t know. All I know is that on the Spanish government pages, they themselves refer to this process as renewing your NIE.

  2. Joanne Jhoie Acar says:

    I have a question. The tasa, when’re you gonna need it? Is it when you pick up your TIE? You’ll give the 2 documents to them?

    • Velabas says:

      When you renew your NIE/TIE, they’ll give you the tasa documents. You’ll have to pay this at a bank. The bank will stamp the one of the papers and give it to you as a receipt. You’ll take this paper when you go pick up the TIE at the police station and give it to them as proof that you paid the tasa.

  3. Rockers Raghu says:

    Hello, i am a student came for an erasmus study to spain barcelona. I have my Lithuanian temporary residence permit till 2016 and just got my NIE number in Spain and it expires by february. I have got an intern program and would like to extend my NIE for 6 more months. what is the procedure and how long it takes to process?
    Do i need to show my bank balance and medical insurance once again ?
    thanks for your time

    • Velabas says:

      I don’t know there peculiarities of EU residence here. All I know concerns non-EU students, and mostly Americans because that has been my experience. But if the requirements are the same in terms of NIE validity, yes, if you need to get a new NIE, you need to prove you have the money for as long as you’ll need it extended for (typically they extend for one year), and you need to show health insurance for that time. If you are interning, the money that you will supposedly make but have not yet made does NOT count toward money that you can show at the NIE appointment. It’s stupid that they do not accept 700 euros that you will make as sufficient funds, but that’s the case. Good luck

  4. Ridhika says:


    I submitted my documents for extension at Carrer de Bergara like you mentioned. They said it could happen there because I only want to extend it for 10 days, and they stamped my document and mentioned ‘Carrer Murcia, 42’. Do I need to go there or do directly to Carrer de Mallorca,213 and pick up my NIE like the first time. My friend visited Carrer de Murcia, 42 and they said you need an appointment to go inside. Can you help with this ?

    • Velabas says:

      If you go to Murica, you need an appointment. If you do not know what to choose for the appointment, choose “Incidencias”, which is a catch-all term for any problems you’re having. I had to do that. I did not write about it here because it was a big pain in the ass to do, and I had to do it twice. What I had to do after Bergara was deal with the Murica 42 (only because my documents were not processed correctly at Bergara, and they had documents from some Russian girl in with mine), and then I had to get a separate appointment to pay for the NIE renovation at the police headquarters on Guipuscoa. I’m sorry I can’t remember more details–but yes, you do have to do one more step before going to pick up the renewed NIE at Mallorca.

  5. Hanan says:

    Hi, I have a question. My university gave me a paper which includes all the required documents for the renewal of the NIE and for proof of funds it says that we are required to show a bank statement that shows a balance of at least €6385,44. I can not afford to have that balance on my account just like that as I am a student, so I was wondering what you think I should do? Can I just show my last 6 month of transactions? Im quite confused.! Thank you for help me

  6. Kevin Klink says:


    I went to renew my NIE at Carrer Bergara and apparently i have to check the state of my documents online (and i was given the paper giving me the steps to follow). A week has passed and now when i check the site, i get the following answer: ” NO SE HA ENCONTRADO LA INFORMACIÓN SOLICITADA – Por favor, revise que los datos introducidos sean los correctos.”

    I do not understand whether this means there is a problem or if they did not even receive my documents yet.

    • Velabas says:

      I suppose it could be either. Once, I used Bergara, but it was a mistake because they are a registry and cannot approve the documents you submit. It would be better to get an appointment so that the person can review either document and tell you what’s missing if something is.

  7. Shauna Butler O'Connor says:

    Hi there, I’m trying to renew my NIE but not as a student, as a worker. Do you know is the process the same? For example this is the first I’ve heard about having to show any bank balances. Many thanks for any information!

  8. Do Minh Anh says:

    Hello, i have completed my Master in English and my NiE will expire in September. But I want to take a Spanish course for 4-5 months more, can I extend my NIE? Because someone told me that if I have studied master, it is not reasonable if u study a language course

  9. Taylor G says:

    Hello! Thanks for writing this great post. When you went to the Bergara office, how long did it take you to get a favorable reply? I’m 99% positive I sent in the correct paperwork–it’s been two weeks and it’s still in transmission.

    Thank you for any information you can provide!!

  10. setare zamani says:

    Hello! Thanks for your useful post!
    January 2016, I got my visa by applying to a private University and through the process I got my nie card, but from September, I transfered to other University and 1st of January my nie card will be expire. Could you tell me what documents require in my situation? I didn’t know that I should change my visa when I change my Univesity! What will be happen?
    I appreciate if you recommend me.

  11. Franck says:

    Hi, Thank you for the informations!
    One question, I can not find the choice of “prorroga de estancia por estudios” on the immigration office’s web site to make an appointment to submit the documents for my student NIE renewing, is it changed now? Thank you in advance for your reply!

  12. Libby says:

    Hi! I lost my NIE and need to replace it. I have got a lost report from the mosos- I’m just not sure where to make a cita previa! Can you help me?

  13. melis says:

    I applied to renew by nie but it was rejected. Do i have a right to apply again or what do you suggest me to do? Thank you.

    • alkim says:

      Hello Melis, as you did I applied for my renewal and received a rejection yesterday. What did you do? Did you apply again?

  14. Bruce says:

    I have all my documents in for the renewal, but when i went for the autorizacion de regresso they told me that my documents have been archived and that i must tell them to ‘unarchive’ it. It has been a month since they were sent so they should be ready, but where do i need to go and what do i need to do to move forward with this process of renewal of my tie

  15. SABA says:


  16. Trushant says:

    Can you help me to get some internship? Hence i am student from india in spain, for digital marketing programm

  17. Jatin Pachisia says:

    I had applied for my nie on the 26th of september 2018 and its been three months and it shows that it is still in process. Is it normal for this to be happening?

  18. Deepak Sundaram says:

    Hey Im a student residing in barcelona and my NIE is about to expire this June as my course ends too. Is there anyway possible to extend my stay as part of a tourist because i want to travel to other schengen countries.

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