What is there to see at the Barcelona Aquarium?

It is easy to forget that Barcelona is a port city. The busy modern port is westward, beyond Montjuic, so the activity isn’t present as you walk down the Ramblas or celebrate Holi in the hills.

Not only is it Mediterranean, but Barcelona has a very nice aquarium. If you’re wondering about what there is to see at the Barcelona Aquarium, I’ve compiled a few photos here to give an idea of what kind of sea life you’ll encounter.

First a bit of practical information. The phone number if you need more information is +34 932 21 74 74. There are 35 tanks in total, with 450 species represented by 11,000 animals. It’s generally open from 9:30am to 9pm, but check the website. An adult ticket is 20 euro. Here’s a map of where to find the BCN aquarium:

Ok I’ll stop giving you info you’ll just find on their website. If you want a preview of the animals to find out if it’s worth it to visit the Barcelona aquarium, here you go…

Photos of sea life from the Barcelona Aquarium

Aquarium underwater tunnel in BarcelonaThe Barcelona aquarium is one of these aquariums that has an underwater tunnel. It goes down beneath a huge tank filled with fish, sting rays and big bull sharks.
The Barcelona aquarium

That’s not a real blue whale. But inside, you’ll find a dark area dedicated to jellyfish.A shark in the Barcelona aquarium

This guy is the aquarium’s pride and joy. I’d say that it’s worth it to see the Barcelona aquarium for him alone. Look at this shot:The huge back hump of a shark in captivity in the Barcelona aquarium Cuttlefush photo

You might not have known this, but cuttlefish are fuckers. They die having sex. How’s that for ensuring the survival of the species?A tiny, interesting fish in the Barcelona aquarium One of the deep sea fish in the Barelona aquarium If you visit the Barcelona aquarium, you'll find hermit crabs

Also in the jellyfish room is this big fish-sized hermit crab. It’s difficult to imagine spending much time in an aquarium in Barcelona when there’s so much else to see like Park Guell, Sagrada Familia and Castell Montjuic… but it’s worth it if you enjoy the ocean.An iguana at the aquarium in Barcelona

And forests…Jellyfish in cool light in BCN aquarium Mayra Viajera Peruana in Barcelona

This is Mayra, the Viajera Peruana.A moray eel in the BCN aquarium Nemo fish can be found at the Barcelona aquarium

Anyone a fan of Finding Nemo? This is a large colony of clown fish. Tiny little guys.An octopus in Barcelona

A slightly pixellated shot of an octopus. The smoother mover in all the aquarium.Penguins are in the Barcelona aquarium Poison dart frog Pufer fish deflated in Barelona

I saw many of these guys when I was crossing the Pacific hitchhiking boats. You might enjoy reading the travel stories about that.Giant river fish unmoving in a Barcelona tank Sea horse in Barcelona aquarium A shark in the Barcelona aquarium A flying stingray in the BCN aquarium More sting rays in the BCN quarium Underwater tunnel in an aquarium in Europe


When’s the best time to go to the Barcelona aquarium?

You readers who have a very short amount of time might not get to go. Especially if you’re from Atlanta, or Chicago, or Vancouver… your home towns have incredible aquariums of their own so you won’t be missing much. But if it’s summer on your visit to Barcelona and it’s too damn hot outside, it’s nice to take refuge in the wonders of the sea.

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  1. Sofia Duncan says:

    I love your shot of the clown fishes! They’re so cute! I can’t remember the last time I visit an aquarium.. was it 10 years ago? haha! I’ll drop by this beauty when I find myself in Barcelona. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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