Narrative Travel Stories from Hitchhiking around the World

Last Update: January 24, 2017 – I am in Lima. These travel stories are on hold.


This is not a blog. These are literary travel stories that began in 2010, in El Salvador. They continue to this day. They are narrative prose, and sequential, picking up where the last left off in most cases. There are gaps in time, but these pages comprise a narrative of continuous travel stories that together paint a picture of the world through writing. If you’ve ever wanted to read an unpublishable book about what it would be like from day to day to travel around the world by land and water, you have found it. I am Cale, and I’m slowly hitchhiking around the world.



Most Recent Stories

Travel drawing of sailing into American Samoa's Pago Pago Going Home October 3, 2013 - …Travel stories from sailing the Cooks to Samoa…     DRAFT It’s such a horrible thing, a mind without a heart. I wonder what travel is for, or what it should be for; and I know. I travel for knowledge. To acquire language. To build identity by the whole world; … Continue reading Going Home
A reef somewhere in the Marina Taina, Tahiti. Credence in Tahiti September 14, 2013 - …Travel stories from Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora…   The first captain Rob I knew was aboard the Canadian boat in the Panama Canal. Now I was in Tahiti, and this new captain Rob had been also at the announcement board at Marina Taina where everyone posts information about things … Continue reading Credence in Tahiti
A charts of the Rangiroa channel in the Tuamotus, French Polynesia. A Seafarer Jinxing August 3, 2013 - …Travel stories from sailing in French Polynesia…   His speak was theatrical. That is the word to describe it. It was not flamboyant, and it wasn’t filled with emotion–it was plainly theatrical. He spoke for a stage, or more precisely for a lecture hall, and his runty but upheld stature … Continue reading A Seafarer Jinxing
Travel drawing from Fatu Hiva Marquesian Marooning July 5, 2013 - …Travel stories from sailing in the Marquesas…   I was reading when the spinnaker began to fold over on itself. I looked at Lido’s passive features, calm as Sunday as he stood at the helm, turning the wheel to find the wind. It was a remarkably blue day on a … Continue reading Marquesian Marooning
A bit of ocean water on the sail to the Galapagos. On the Sea June 24, 2013 - …Travel stories from sailing across the Pacific Ocean…       May 28th San Cristobal, Galapagos   Dangerous incident. Jeopardizes entire Pacific crossing. Family was sitting in cabin eating potato and eggs in a basket breakfast when bow of cruise ship slowly came about, bulk pushed by wind, poorly tended … Continue reading On the Sea
Galapagos Tortoise Drawing Voyage of the Beagle May 27, 2013 - …Travel stories from the Galapagos Island San Cristobal…   With me everything is poop. Dirk pointed it out as we mashed together a string of conversations while he and Lido returned the bottle of rum to its natural state of emptiness. “You expect these people to pay for your crap?” … Continue reading Voyage of the Beagle
On the sail to San Cristobal, a red-footed boobie landed on Sairam. Sairam Meditations May 11, 2013 - …Travel stories sailing to the Galapagos…   The following are a collection of thoughts thunk out during the 3 weeks between the Playita de Amador anchorage in Panama City and the Galapagos Island of San Cristobal.   On Panama City   1 To friends and new arrivals at Playita anchorage … Continue reading Sairam Meditations
The Swedish vikings' Warskavi sailboat. Crew Chapters | The Search to Crew a Sailboat Across the Pacific April 15, 2013 - …Travel stories about crewing across the Pacific Ocean…   Chapter 1 – Coming Full Circle in Panama 03.14.13 When I had set my feet on land, I was immediately swaying back and forth in time with an earthen sea that no longer required my body to adapt. In a boat’s … Continue reading Crew Chapters | The Search to Crew a Sailboat Across the Pacific
A view of the colorful building in Bocas del Toro town, Panama. Sailing Worth Gray March 13, 2013 - …Travel stories sailing boat hitchhiking from Colombia to Panama…   Out in the harbor among a few dozen vessels anchored and bobbing slightly in the water was a catamaran and a man aboard frantically moving about from bow to stern. He grabbed pieces of equipment and moved them. He reached … Continue reading Sailing Worth Gray
Dancing salsa in Medellin Tell Me On to Cartagena! March 4, 2013 - …Travel stories from hitchhiking to Cartagena, Colombia…   It’s about language. It’s about learning who you are. It’s about not getting comfortable with one way of life because you want to actively acknowledge all its possibilities. It’s not about indecision but about understanding the world from different perspectives before important … Continue reading Tell Me On to Cartagena!
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