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  1. Hey, great article, thank you. Do you have information on the captain who took you from Panama to Colombia? I am currently looking to board a boat to work on but feel more comfortable if there are other people on it since I travel alone as a girl and have heard some not so cool stories. Thank you!:)

    1. I can give you this story to read: http://www.velabas.com/travel-stories/colombia/hitchhiking-panama-darrien-gap/. It talks about what I did in order to get on a boat to Colombia. It turned out to be a backpacker boat, and I did have to pay for my food. It is very unlikely to get on one of those backpacker boats for anything less than $500. I recommend going to the Marina in Colon, and/or Bocas del Toro. I wouldn’t put a blanket rule on not going on a boat being a sole woman–I would put more energy into your vetting process, and making sure that other people know where you are, with whom you’re traveling, and rough arrival date estimates. You might be able to get on those backpacker boats if you can commit to working several voyages. I met folks who did that. It’s not in the interest of the captains of those backpacker boats to take one person along for the ride who works, because they already have the workers they need. But if they can count on you to work several voyages, it’s a sweetened offer on your part. I hope this has helped. Remember, to get to Colombia, you need to be searching the marinas on the Caribbean side. Or you can take the motorboats through the San Blas, which is far cheaper but much more arduous and quick. For those motorboats, you need to find your way to Porvenir island or Carti Sugdub. Read the story I link to, it will give you a much better idea of that option. Cheers

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