About the Velabas Travel Comics

The Velabas travel comic

Velabas is a website designed principally as a place to self-publish the narrative travel stories which follow an open-ended hitchhiking journey around the world. Sometimes, however, this journey is put on pause as I grovel to other aspects of life. I do not write on the travel stories section of this website when I’m not on that course. However, I’m pretty much always on the move in one way or another, and so I seek other mediums by which to relate the journey so as not to break the continuity of the travel stories.

Enter the travel comics. Unlike the travel stories, these comics are not sequential, and they are not regular. Nothing on this website is regular. These comprise a hodgepodge collection of doodles in comic strip form that tell quick, easily-digestible visual stories of miscellaneous travel. As always, I encourage you to read the travel stories, but in the meantime, you might enjoy this alternative story-telling technique.


The comics are tiny, drawn with 0.1 fine-tip pens and shaded with Pitt pens. They are very quickly drawn. This allows me to create a large quantity of visual content that is writing-centric. Avoiding coloring digitally is important because these comics are supposed to reflect the nature of vagabond travel. Photoshopping is not sustainable on the road.

If this about page sounds weird to you, then you haven’t read much of the Stories.

For a different kind of art, you can view my travel drawings. There are also a lot of cartoons, over at the blog.