Country: Chile

One last glimpse at Chile's Carretera Austral, the southern Patagonian highway.

The Patagonia Saga – Part One: Carretera Austral

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…Travel stories from hitchhiking in Patagonia…   Austral means “southern”, although the term seems to be applied rather sparingly around here. You could say that “Carretera Austral”, carretera meaning highway, indicates any part of Chile’s southern highway that exists as dirt or gravel. Stretching itself over 1,000 kilometers from just … Continue reading The Patagonia Saga – Part One: Carretera Austral

The lookout over Santiago from Santa Lucia.


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…Travel stories from Santiago, Chile and the U.S. embassy…   Casa de Seba & Julie   Seba and Julie were our hosts. They drank Escudo beer while Sammy and I savored the home brew they’d gifted us. I felt appreciation for their hospitality, despite the strange silences in between enthusiastic … Continue reading Santiago