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I want to be able to adapt to any lifestyle, to truly and ineluctably ration myself for the experience of life in all its forms. This travel is not for pomp and leisure. I do not travel looking for fun. Although a minimum of happiness keeps me on the road, I do not travel for happiness either.

I travel because I want to personify my belief in art as an expression of truth. Minimalism, movement as principle, adaptation in order to truly understand a different way of living or world view. To share in the lives of people with a mind as objective as it will permit without sacrificing passion...


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    There are many travelers on the road. Each one has a unique story to tell. That's the beauty about traveling; regardless of the method, every individual experience is worthy of an attentive ear. Sometimes we connect with each other. There's an invisible network of hitchhiker websites and blogs, and hopefully through them and e-mails we use to communicate our adventures, others can navigate those unique experiences themselves. All text below is taken directly from the linked websites. Each traveler listed here hitchhikes all or part of their time. Click to see descriptions. Click descriptions to go to their website. Not in any particular order, but those near the bottom are not updated. The travel blog sites page includes these and all other blogs.

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