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I want to be able to adapt to any lifestyle, to truly and ineluctably ration myself for the experience of life in all its forms. This travel is not for pomp and leisure. I do not travel looking for fun. Although a minimum of happiness keeps me on the road, I do not travel for happiness either.

I travel because I want to personify my belief in art as an expression of truth. Minimalism, movement as principle, adaptation in order to truly understand a different way of living or world view. To share in the lives of people with a mind as objective as it will permit without sacrificing passion...


Velabas: Travel Narrative and Drawings from Hitchhiking Around the World

Last Update: Friday, October 18, 2013

This webpage exists as a space for my travel narrative and drawings. Browse the entries and drawings. Read the about page. Use the search box at the top right of the screen to find something specific. Look at the map to see where I've been. You can also view a reddit Q&A. If English is not your mother tongue, use the translate tab in the bottom left corner. Google +

NEWEST POST: Going Home.

10.03.13: Going Home.

09.14.13: Credence in Tahiti.

08.03.13: A Seafarer Jinxing.

07.05.13: Marquesian Marooning.

06.24.13: On the Sea.

05.27.13: Voyage of the Beagle.

05.11.13: Sairam Meditations.

04.15.13: Crew Chapters...The Search to Crew a Sailboat Across the Pacific.

03.21.13: Jeremy finished his trip around the world. See his interview in French here.

03.20.13: I've been hanging out with Swedish viking sailors. Here's their video.

03.13.13: Sailing Worth Gray.

03.04.13: Tell Me On to Cartagena!.

03.02.13: Relevant article about how Medellin is world's most innovative city.

02.17.13: A Painting of Principle.

02.11.13: I wrote a new about page: travel drawing.

02.09.13: Made this video about how to build an out house compost toilet.

02.06.13: I added 5 more funny satirical cartoons to the cartoons section.

01.06.13: See the most recent posts from the hitchhikers' travel writers page here: Hitchhiking Writers' Feed .

01.04.13: No time to travel, so he uses Google streetview to paint.

01.01.13: Some great pieces of art: Doug Russell's Fine Art.

12.30.12: Here are some travel drawings from an experienced artist that I enjoy: Smooth Blog to Travel Drawing.

12.25.12: Brand new drawings from Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela have been posted.

12.07.12: California hitching with Nils of France. He wrote and posted pictures of our journey here.

10.17.12: From Oregon down around the Tierra del Fuego and back to Colombia, it has been 31,265 miles or 50,316 kilometers.

09.25.12: Medellin, the orange city of amber stars. It's appropriate that it is the last city, and for the third time. We'll see you again soon, Latin America. Keep on truckin'.

09.13.12: Changing Elevations: From the Caribbean to the Andes

09.02.12: Caracas

08.29.12: Corazon de mi Patria

08.14.12: Green Amazon: The Tropical Lesion

08.12.12: This is great, I needed this. It's Wikipedia's glossary of architecture.

08.08.12: Green Amazon: The Riverboat

08.02.12: Green Amazon: The Old Man and the Hippy

07.30.12: Green Amazon: The Dirt Road

07.25.12: I hope you remember this: The Giving Tree.

07.24.12: Here's a story: men arrested over murder of a tribal leader in Brazil. Greetings from Santarem.

07.15.12: I Would Like to Thank the Obamas of Brazil

07.11.12: Scrutiny of Madness, Kings and Vagabonds

07.10.12: Te amo.

07.09.12: Opinion: Why is Christ the Redeemer a World Wonder?

07.08.12: There's a "Search velabas" box at the top right of the page. See it? It's fabulous. You can type ANYTHING in there, from 'covert camping' to 'love and loss'. A google search window lists the posts where I wrote something about your search query. Screw categories and tags!

07.07.12: Here's a story about a Bolivian indigenous campaigner killed protesting against a Canadian mining firm.

07.06.12: Opinions: Traveling Artist, Location Independence, Hitchhiking South America, Backpacking Around the World, Travel After Graduation.

07.05.12: I'm not sure why it happened, but I'm glad to see that the velabas.com Alexa ranking has quite suddenly broken 1,000,000, and by 100,000. It probably won't last.

07.04.12: Finally, drawings have a dedicated spot on the menu bar above. Oh, and happy 4th, hurray for humans and their lines.

06.30.12: I've updated the Travel Drawings page, and added 50 new drawings from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.

06.29.12: I made a new page under 'mementos' called Misc. Opinions. It's a place where I can put articles targeting certain keywords. That's it. So far, you can find these opinions: How to Make Money Online with a Travel Blog, The Travel Narrative, Learning Spanish Traveling, and Living on The Road.

06.27.12: To hell with the publicity page, that was a stupid idea anyway.

06.24.12: My friend's friend The Piano Man plays piano in the street in New Zealand, and is trying to raise money for an album. If you have the means, donate.

06.13.12: The Middle Parts

06.11.12: I updated the about page, entitled hitchhiking around the world.

06.11.12: A story about how Argentina wants their Malvinas: Argentinian blockade. And here's a story that highlights the polarization of Chile when it comes to Pinochet: Chile protest against Pinochet documentary.

05.27.12: Two things. One, there's a great opinion on the new Diablo 3 here. Second, a Peruvian died when his car exploded from a Chilean mine. I walked the Chile-Peru border once. Why is it going to take 8 more years to clear a useless desert of mines? Chile, use this machine.

05.23.12: This is interesting, exciting, etc. A website for anyone looking for fundraising opportunities: Kickstarter.com. P.S. I'm writing a new post, patience folks.

05.21.12: This is why Road Junky .com is lame with word choice: this is the first paragraph of its "Argentina Travel Guide", and shows you a level of ignorance that rivals sand beetles ----> "Argentina is a country that stands out from the rest of South America; its people are well-educated, its infrastructure highly developed, and the food is great (if you like eating vast amounts of beef). Coming here from Bolivia or Peru is like rediscovering civilization. The highway system, economy and culture are all first class. And the Argentines will never miss a chance to tell you how great they are."

05.21.12: Just found this.. hitchhiking Latin America in 1974. Photos from an epic trip.

05.14.12: A great way to waste time. And anyone with extra-perceptive aides might enjoy it. 29a.ch.

05.13.12: 1000 days since I began this shit!

05.11.12: I'm currently answering questions via my IAmA on reddit. IAmA vagabond in Latin America, ask me anything!. Join in if you want. Thanks to the MN for the idea.

05.01.12: A good argument to become bilingual, apparently it boosts brain power. Read the BBC story here.

04.29.12: Chilean students are protesting again, story here. I was in a student protest in Chile, remember?.

04.25.12: I just found someone's paper describing the difference between travel narratives and everything else. It's very well argued. Check it out here.

04.06.12: The Search for Johnny Tito.

03.28.12: Hitchhiking to the Soldier of Luke 10:30-37.

03.14.12: Tagging Along.

02.23.12: Alright, been doing some big redesigning all over the site, and new writing too. Check out the disclaimer anti-blog. Also, this is awesome.

02.22.12: A good way to be kind. Longest kidney chain ever completed, in the US. BBC story here.

02.22.12: New page added! Useful Maps.

02.21.12: I've made a few changes to the site. First, "Methods" now have their own drop menu, and "Services" have been placed under "Personal". Second, I've added new code to create this box as a news reel, so that I can give little updates, like this one. I hope it makes coming to the site more interesting.

02.21.12: Chilean mines washed onto the road at the Peruvian border. BBC story here.

02.18.12: New page on Food & Work.

02.10.12: Brazil but for Pebbles.

01.24.12: Occasions of Argentinian Asado.

01.11.12: The Patagonia Saga - Part Two: From the Pampa to the Bottom.

01.03.12: The Patagonia Saga - Part One: Carretera Austral.

12.26.11: Navidad at Casa Solis.

12.11.11: Salvadoran government finally apologizes for the 1981 El Mozote massacre. BBC story here. Read about when I went there here.

12.18.11: The Anatomy of a Chilean Hitch.

12.12.11: Santiago.

12.02.11: Chilean Southern Hospitality, Rain or Shine.

11.15.11: Miner, Stars, Cuartel, Protest and Old Friends.

10.24.11: Borders.

10.14.11: Mischief and Misery in Cusco.

10.03.11: The Final Lima Chapters: Pariwana, Mistura, Fountains and Mayra.

09.02.11: The Lima Chapters, continued.

04.27.11: The Lima Chapters.

05.31.11: Tripping in the House of No Ends.

05.22.11: Righteous Discussing in the Pampas and The Tricky Cold Rails.

05.15.11: Deja Vu-ing to the Amazon: The Wood Trailer, Jesus, Girls and Firemen.

05.05.11: The Shameless Negotiator Goes Alpine.

04.27.11: CSing, Dirt Roads, and Getting High: To Peru!.

04.13.11: Monkey, Search, Feeling the Heat, and Other Stories from he Ecuator.

03.29.11: Eggs and Patriotism.

03.22.11: Helpful Authorities and Whether Coincidence Plays a Part.

03.11.11: How I went from Safety with Granny to Danger with Sammy to Forgetting at Party.

02.20.11: Ramblings from the ReRoaded.

11.10.10: 1 City, 4 Saints, and a Homesick Wanderer.

10.29.10: Of Colombians and The Road.

10.23.10: Panamanian Goodness and Life as a Stowaway.

10.12.10: Illegal Border Manipulation and Later, Firemen.

10.05.10: Nicaraguan Hitching, Caribbean Vibes, and Beautiful French People.

09.07.10: The Surreal: My Time in Tegucigalpa.

08.30.10: When Bridges Collapse and Other Stories.

08.20.10: Black Smoke City Surf.

08.20.10: Velabas is a continuous travel narrative and drawings from hitchhiking around the world. Wherever it leaves off, it will pick up again, eventually. The idea is that life is one long voyage, and I'm traveling it by thumb.

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